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An old tradition dating back decades once had these beautiful mums made out of real carnation mums. A boy would delight a person with this offering for his date to wear at school on homecoming day as well as to the football game they would attend later that evening.

Since then, people have reinvented that idea and turned it into memorabilia by using faux carnations. We are proud to carry on that tradition, hopefully for many more years to come...

Homecoming Accessories


Item Description

Mum Bow

Is it a mum or is it a bow? It's both. This bow is about 5 inches wide & about 6.5 inches long. It can fit up to one word (Name or Mascot)


This single flowered corsage will have you being a unique commodity. It can fit up to one to two small words.

Spirit Pin

We do carry varying styles of trinkets. If you have a preferred sport, let us know. If we cannot find the sport needed, a regular spirit pin will be sent according to season.

Mum Ring

Rings on your fingers! The option shown is a modern style version. It comes on an adjustable ring making this item a "One size fits most" product.

Headband Halo

Placed on an 18 inch circumference braid, this mum is a beauty. TIP: hold it up with bobby pins if you'd like a more secure fit.

Spirit Stick

SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THING! Made out of durable, hard plastic instead of cardboard rolls, these rattlers are sure to last many pep rallies to come.


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Homecoming Mums & Garters


Homecoming Mums & Garters



Our micro peewee mums & garters are made to fit an average 0-5 year old. They are an estimated 6-8 inches in length.


Our mini peewee mums & garters are made to fit an average 6-9 year old. They are an estimated 10 inches in length.


Our junior peewee mums & garters are made to fit an average 10-12 year old. They are an estimated 12 inches in length.

**All of our peewees come with your preferred colors and include ribbons, one to two hand crafted braids, trinkets/charms, a bell, decorative garlands, curlers, & one to two names.**

Standard Size Garters

~Elbow Length~

 Our elbow length garters are an estimated 12-18 inches in length & are wider than our peewee garters at 8-10 inches in width.

~Wrist Length~

Our wrist length garters are an estimated 22 inches in length.

**All standard size garters come on a one size fits most  band that can be worn on the arm or leg as desired.**

Standard Size Mums

~Hip Length~

Our hip length mums are an estimated 2 to 2.5 feet in length.

~Knee Length~

Our knee length mums are an estimated 3.5 to 4.5 feet in length.

~Ankle Length~

Our ankle length mum are an estimated 4.5 to 5 feet long.

**Our standard size mums & garters are primarily used by ages 13+. All of our standard size mums & garters come in your preferred choice of colors & include ribbons, two to three handcrafted braids, trinkets/charms, a bell, decorative garlands, curlers, & two to three names. **


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Standard Size Mums

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Standard Size Garters

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